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You’ve got your uniform, now get your labels! It’s impossible to tell whose shirt is whose when everyone is wearing the same one! Avoid mixing up uniforms and losing items to the lost and found with Mabel’s Labels durable, personalized labels. Our label packs come with all the clothing and shoe labels you need to make sure your kid’s uniforms come back home, and our user-friendly website makes it easy to build your peel-and-stick labels with designs your child will love. Plus, the guaranteed durability of our products means you don’t ever have to worry about them falling off in the washing machine or dryer.

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Uniform Label Pack

Mabels Labels - Uniform Label Pack
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Tag Mates Clothing Labels

Mabel's Labels - Tag Mates Stick On Clothing Labels
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Iron On Clothing Labels

Mabel's Labels - Iron On Clothing Labels
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Custom Shoe Stickers

Mabel's Labels - Custom Shoe Stickers
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